Our Services and Products

  • Mechanical structure installation:

    Our structure installation services include following activities which ensures all the necessary steps are followed while executing structure work.

    1. Site preparation, Foundation installation & assembly of components.
    2. Lifting and placements.
    3. Alignment and levelling.
    4. Fastening and connection.
    5. Welding and inspection.
    6. Documentation and AS built drawings.
    7. Commissioning, final inspection and approval.

  • Machinery erection and commissioning:

    This is a critical phase in the installation and start-up of industrial machinery and equipment. Properly executing these processes ensures that the machinery operates safely, efficiently, and according to design specifications. Here are the key steps that we ensure while machinery erection and commissioning:

    1. Preparation and Planning for machinery erection job.
    2. Site Readiness for machinery erection.
    3. Machinery erection and fastening or welding.
    4. Assembly of various mechanical components ensuring the appropriate alignment and fastening.
    5. Electrical and Control Wiring following electrical codes and safety practices.
    6. Fluid and Piping Connections such as hydraulics, pneumatics, or coolant systems and test for leaks and ensure proper flow and pressure.
    7. Instrumentation and Control Systems:
      1. Install and calibrate sensors, transmitters, and control instruments.
      2. Configure control systems, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) devices.
  • Pipeline fabrication for fluid transfer like oil, natural gas, steam, water, chemicals, and vice versa.

  • Tank fabrication for storing and transporting various substances, such as various types of chemical as per material chemical properties, gases, or bulk materials.

  • Bagging system manufacturing:

    Also known as a bagging machine or bagging equipment used in various industries for the automated packaging of bulk materials, powders, granules, or other products into bags.

  • Lime handling machinery:

    We have expertise in manufacturing lime handling machineries which includes screw conveyor, bagging system (0.5- 1Ton), dense phase material transfer system and vice versa.

  • Milk of lime plant (MOL):

    We have expertise in manufacturing MOL plant for more 300 TPD capacity for MNC chemical manufacturing plant in India.

  • Machinery manufacturing:

    We have in-house facility of manufacturing various industrial equipment’s like blender, agitator, reactor, and vice versa.

  • Testing facilities:

    We have in-house testing facilities for our in house manufactured electrical panels that includes:

    1. Contact resistance measurement test
    2. Insulation resistance value test
    3. Primary current injection test
    4. Thermography test

  • Electrical panel manufacturing:

    We have in-house panel fabrication facility which includes:

  • PLC panel

    PCC panel

    MCC panel

    APFC panel

    Busbar turnkey systems

    HMI & SCADA systems

    Why choose us?

    1. Customized engineering solutions developed by our expert team.
    2. Perform extensive research before development of products.
    3. Cost effective, optimized and type tested system.
    4. Quick and high quality products/Service delivery within stipulated time.
    5. 24/7 Excellent and prompt Online/Onsite customer support.